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Klique is a small brand boutique that packs a huge badass punch. We get branding better than anyone because we've been doing it collectively for 40 years. We're small for a reason. We get the job done. We give you everything you need to launch or evolve your business. Designs that communicate your uniqueness, a fully customized plan that identities your opportunities, messaging that captures your audience’s attention and the tools you need to drive sales. In other words, we know your brand is more than a logo. We know your brand needs a strategy. We know your brand needs to look amazing and we know your brand needs us. Because we know how to do it all - LIKE A BADASS!





We won't pick up after you or tell you how great you are - when in reality maybe you need some work.

Instead, think of us as your crazy best friend. Who sees all the good in you and wants the world to see it too. But lets you know you might need to stop wearing the same yoga pants every day (or at least throw them in the wash). And keeps your crazy under wraps until we can all go out together and celebrate your amazing new brand launch!



We love passionate entrepreneurs! Some of our badassery includes an historic rebrand of a global powerhouse resulting in a profitable IPO, national recognition of one of the fastest growing tech companies in recent times and helping a newly formed wealth advisory firm rise to the tune of $3 Billion assets under management. We don't just swim with the big sharks we play with the little fish too. We've been known to brand small businesses with big dreams to give them profits and purpose - and we are just getting warmed up.

*cue inspirational music

Our work.

We left a spot for you on our Branding Wall of Fame. See for yourself, our brands aren't just beautiful they're smart!


Our process.

We don't just throw a dart at a color wheel to pick your brand colors and we don't just make up a story from yesterday's news. We give your brand punch with a sound strategy, compelling look and memorable message that's uniquely you. Then we blow it out onto your web site, advertising, social media, emails, signage, packaging...basically EVERYWHERE. It's all part of our Brand Plan process.


Our Mugs.

We clean up pretty nice. But don't let those smiles fool you. We are badass champions of your brand. And we know when to ask for backup. We've got an entire network of creatives, software developers and media specialists when your brand needs to pack that extra punch. Read More

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