We love to partner with businesses with big hearts, big dreams and big hustle! Whether you're just getting started or in need of a refresh - we can professionalize your look and tell your story. We work from the inside out - digging down to the core of what makes your business tick and putting it front and center so others can connect with your magic on every level. Speaking of magic, here are some results...



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Actio Learning

Actio Learning creates data driven training programs for large organizations that solve business problems and build world class performing employees. In an industry overrun with quick fix fancy solutions Actio Learning does it differently. Their core belief is simple - everyone can perform better.

They knew they had a great story to tell, but they didn’t quite know how. And like many of our customers, their message was overly complicated and a bit clunky. And it turns out, their own name (previously The Hobson Group) was getting in the way.

In a marketplace with so much noise, The Hobson Group needed to become a brand that would stand out and stand for something. With our storytelling hats on we dove in and the Actio Brand Plan came to life: from their new name (which means performance in Latin), to messaging, to a look and feel system, web site, business cards, social media, sales presentation, sales video, and proposals. The result? They've signed bigger deals with bigger customers thanks to the the clarity and relevance of their brand story.



Cresset Wealth Management

Cresset is a non-traditional recently launched Wealth Advisory firm offering direct access to private investment opportunities. Klique was able to identify their unique selling proposition and apply it to their client on-boarding experience - typically a lumpy process.

Identifying on-boarding as an opportunity for differentiation we created everything their clients would need to make this uncertain step a welcome transition. From digital manuals, to an email campaign, electronic forms and welcome kits. Owning this normally lumpy process and converting it to an opportunity to grow the brand and keep the Cresset promise has helped grow the business to an astounding $2 billion assets under management in just over a year.


Downtown Naperville

Poised for a rebrand a few years ago, Downtown Naperville had the two essential ingredients needed to make significant change: Heart + Commerce. After identifying their unique positioning we elevated their look, language, and consumer experience to match their softer side and they are seeing some impressive results! 

With one of the most robust Downtown Gift Card programs in the country, gift card sales have seen a massive (12% increase) year over year since the rebrand. And thanks to our integrated marketing campaign that highlights the updated brand across print, digital, social, email, events, web, environmental, and a revived consumer experience; the economic impact of the brand doesn't show any signs of slowing.   

We are thrilled to be part of this dynamic team that serves one of the most successful Downtown business districts in the country and to prove once again that brand isn't just fluff. When led with genuine heart, it provides tangible business results.




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Shyft is a boutique pilates, yoga, cycle studio where your inward focus cultivates your outward attitude. Their brand promise is about transformation and it can be felt in every person, every class, and every client who walks in their door. 

Shyft is a special place. But unless you were one of the lucky few who knew about them - they were just a tiny little sign on a very busy street. And their nondescript name (MK Labs) helped them remain a well-kept secret. With stalled sales, they reached out.

We created an entire Brand Plan for them complete with a new name, logo, stunning design system and compelling story that that could be told anywhere with consistency and distinction. Applying it to their web site, business cards, social media, environmental branding, promotions, and training courses - all laying the groundwork for franchise opportunities. We're happy to report a year and a half since the rebrand results are impressive -  they've hired 15 new instructors, instituted a robust training program and sales are up 70%!

And it all started with a name, a name that never smelled so sweet.