Klique Creative launches coworking space in the heart of Downtown Naperville for female entrepreneurs craving community and opportunity.


(Naperville, IL) Klique Creative announced today they are launching a coworking space in the heart of Downtown Naperville that focuses on female entrepreneurs. According to the Global Coworking Survey more than one million people will work in a coworking space in 2017. It's a trend that is growing and doesn't seem to be slowing down." The idea is simple,” explains Klique’s Co-Founder Heather DeMonte, “Female entrepreneurs are on the rise, especially in the creative space, and they are often juggling demands of family life. We wanted to create a place where they can cultivate their ideas and connect with other professionals.” While the focus is on women, men too are welcome as part of Klique's marketing collective. 


Klique’s Co-Founders came up with the concept in response to their own needs. Both professional women running businesses out of their homes for over a decade, they saw the need firsthand. “It gets lonely working from home, especially if you’re a creative professional.” Stacy Amoo-Mensah, Klique’s other Co-founder and the design engine behind the business explains, “You want to bounce ideas of other people and collaborate. What we love about Klique is that we truly are the pieces to each other’s puzzles. Without even planning it this way, we already have a graphic designer, content writer, brand strategist, illustrator, storyteller, PR expert and there’s room for more. We each have our own businesses but we make each other better and partner when we can.” 


Klique’s Co-Founders really walk the talk. DeMonte and Amoo-Mensah have their own business together inside the co-working space. Klique Creative is also a brand boutique that offers brand plans to help businesses grow. With their background in strategy, design and storytelling, these Co-Founders have some impressive work between them. Their recent rebrand of Downtown Naperville and some of the female owned businesses there is just one example. DeMonte and Amoo-Mensah agree, “We want to offer female entrepreneurs the same thing we offer our clients, the opportunity to find their Klique and become successful. Catering to women in this space is an unmet need, we know, because we are them. We really see co-working that focuses on the female entrepreneur as a ceiling without a limit. We hope to open spaces like this in suburban towns across the country so women everywhere can find their Klique.”


Offices are located at: Klique Creative, 33 ½ W. Jefferson Ave., Naperville, IL 60565. Visit to fill out an application or schedule a tour.