Rebranding Naperville Moms Network


You’re Invited!

When one of your favorite clients is also one of your favorite humans, re-branding their company is more of a joy than a job. Enter Cathy Subber. The Branch Owner and inspiring mom to know.

Cathy came to us with a very specific ask. To evolve the look and feel of Naperville Moms Network so it would appeal to local moms in local markets everywhere. With Naperville as a shining example of what moms can become when they connect, Cathy grew The Naperville Moms Network to over 20,000 members strong with specialized groups, online sharing, low-cost events, playdates, and endorsement and advocacy opportunities.

It was obvious to us you can't really grow into other markets with a local name. So, after a lot of strategizing (and literally a dream) The Branch was born! A fitting name for what Naperville Moms Network was always intended – a place to “branch out” for moms and amazing humans like Cathy.

The next was to establish an authentic promise of “Always Invited” and bust it out with unique messaging and a look that we applied to their website, advertising, events and social media. And Cathy’s purpose sums it up best, “To connect local moms and make sure they always have a home.”

As mothers and women business owners ourselves we knew we had to preserve what was special about Naperville Moms Network but allow it room to grow. Our specialty is building badass brands and there’s no one more badass than Cathy. When we asked her if The Branch were a person who would that person be? She had the perfect answer, “A big sunshine.”

And that it is.

We hope you see Cathy’s sunshine shining brightly in our designs and our storytelling. A badass brand for local moms everywhere who are always invited. And always have a place to call home. We are so grateful to Cathy for sharing her sunshine with us.

To see The Branch in all its branding glory check it out here on our Wall of Fame.