A Rose By Any Other Name

A rose by any other name does NOT smell as sweet.

Sorry Will, it’s ALL about the name. 

We give you….


Shyft, Klique Creative’s most recent rebrand.

Shyft is a boutique pilates, yoga, cycle studio where your inward focus cultivates your outward attitude. In other words, what you do there makes you better everywhere. Their brand promise is about transformation and it can be felt in every person they hire, every class they teach, and every client who walks in their door.  

Shyft is a special place. But unless you were one of the lucky few who knew about them - they were just a tiny little sign on a very busy street. And their non-descript name (MK Labs) helped them remain the best-kept secret on the corner of Jefferson and Main in downtown Naperville. Until now.

Their story is about movement, community, healing and change and it’s a story that needed to be told. When we first met Maura and Karen, co-owners of what was formerly known as MK Labs, we knew we had met some very special people with a very special purpose. They were passionate about helping people become better. But when we looked around we saw empty walls, a dusty old logo and a name that didn’t aptly convey their story. Six months later, it’s an entirely different story and Klique Creative is proud to tell it. Klique creates and manages brands that help businesses grow, but more importantly, we help people unlock their authentic purpose and share their stories. And that's exactly what happened here.

To rebrand MK Labs we had to consider: Who were they talking to? What mattered most to their audience? And how could they Klique with their customers on an emotional level that differentiated them? It was clear from the start, the name had to go - it was time for a Shyft.  In that single moment their brand was born and the heart of their promise was captured in a word.

From there, the rest came naturally. We created an entire Shyft world complete with logo, stunning design system and compelling story that that could be told anywhere with consistency and distinction. From their web site, to business cards, social media, environmental branding, articles, training courses, speaking engagements, franchise opportunities…the list is endless. And it all started with a name, a name that never smelled so sweet. Next time you’re walking in downtown Naperville between the corner of Jefferson and Main please look up. And if you have a moment step inside. We invite you to Shyft.