Rebranding Downtown Naperville


With a promise of "Historic Innovation" Downtown Naperville's historic new brand is as much about an experience as it is a new look. 

As a premier shopping destination, much of their success has been a direct result of their forward-thinking vision: to innovate for their consumers, their businesses, and their community - while not losing sight of their homegrown roots. As their branding partner we helped define their key differentiator, Historic Innovation, and develop a whole new look, a whole new language and a whole new way to capture their experience - and it’s fun!

It was critical that the updated brand reflect the changing needs of Downtown Naperville's customers and the exciting plans they have on the horizon. The retail landscape is changing and consumers want an experience, one they can’t have anywhere else. The Downtown Naperville brand experience needs to constantly re-imagine what it offers their customers otherwise they’ll just stay home and shop online.

Known for their historic appeal, this effort was about embracing the past yet plunging full steam ahead into the future. The rebrand is about helping their customers BE IN THE MIX - whatever that means to them. Their time is precious and they need to have a great experience every time they come. With tried and true big brand stores and just for you boutiques there are innovations around every corner. Plans for an outdoor tech park, Uber Stops and Street Hosts to help personalize your shopping experience are all part of their unique brand and we needed to make sure we captured all that into a cohesive and distinctive brand experience for their customers. It's as much about engagement as it is a traditional marketing push. Together with The Downtown Naperville Alliance, we developed an entire new language, new look and new way to engage through social media, Downtown "Street hosts", selfie stations, onsite promotions, merchant training, outdoor advertising, events, and more.

Their new brand is the physical representation of their longtime vision - to be a game changer in the retail world -  and it brings them closer to their customers and the thriving community around them. As leaders in their industry, the rebrand is just one more way Downtown Naperville pushes the boundaries of innovation to BE IN THE MIX. See for yourself...