The Klique Factor


When you Klique you just know it. And we knew if from the very beginning with our latest client.

Actio Learning (previously The Hobson Group) creates data driven training programs for large organizations that solve business problems and build world class performing employees. In an industry overrun with quick fix fancy solutions Actio Learning does it differently. They never take on a project they don’t believe will improve business performance and they never take on a project they don’t believe will make employees more capable, more confident and more engaged. Care is their biggest differentiator and converting obstacles into business solutions is their purpose. Their core belief is simple - everyone can perform better.

They knew they had a great story to tell, but they didn’t quite know how. And like many of our customers, their message was overly complicated and a bit clunky. That’s when they reached out to us.

Before we can tell your story, we need to understand it. So we started by asking: What’s your purpose? What’s your competition up to? What do your customers care about? What’s unique about you? Once we had those answers a story began to form. So did a name. Actio Learning. Actio, which means performance in Latin, was a much better fit. And the hum drum Hobson Group name, often mistaken for a law firm, had to go.

With our storytelling hats on we dove in and the Actio Brandscheme came to life: from their messaging, to their look and feel system, to their web site, business cards, social media, sales presentation, sales video, and proposals. Each piece a supporting cast to their overall narrative - they care. They embrace your obstacles and consider the collective triangle of learners within an organization: the business leader, the learning officer and the learner alike. The result? Engaged employees and attainment of business strategies. And it’s already resonating with their clients, some pretty impressive brands among them - Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Bridgestone, Aon - to name a few. After that, the rest came naturally. Including their very own brand mascot. We call him Professor Hobson and his job is to enliven and enlighten the learning journey for everyone (he's the guy holding the sign).

In a marketplace with so much noise, The Hobson Group needed to become a brand that would stand out and stand for something. The most important ingredient to building their brand was the Klique factor. We just "got them" from the very beginning and got what their customers wanted. That kind of Klique is always our goal: to listen, to understand, and to use our expertise to inspire with words and pictures.

In their words…

“Credit goes where credit is due. We weren’t brave enough to step out into this new world. Your support and encouragement was invaluable all the way along the line. With yours and Stacy’s help we’re a brand now. It’s a big deal.”

Actio Learning, we’re so glad we Kliqued!