The Power of Emotion

By: Stacy Amoo-Mensah, Klique Creative Co-Founder + Designer


I love design because it is so personal. I have found a true passion and purpose in helping to tell other people's stories through my artwork.

My career started from my own desire to share the story of my newborn with the world when I decided to "figure out" how to design his birth announcement.  To me, there isn't much that compares to the overwhelming sense of love and pride you feel when you have a child and I wanted to capture that in a way that was unique to me and my family. This is where I started to fall in love with design…the fact that I could use art to express something personal and meaningful was very addicting!  Every project that I've created over the past 13 years comes from that exact same space of pride and joy. Finding that place of emotion and connection and bringing it to life through colors, patterns, typography and imagery. There is a purpose and story driving everything that I create.  When your design work is rooted in that space of emotional connection, the result is powerful and helps to foster that bond between your brand and consumers. I love the challenge of capturing and executing a story through design!

At one point in my career I had an online retail shop where I sold personalized artwork for children and families…one day I received a heartbreaking email from a mother of three who had recently lost her infant son.  She was drawn to one of my canvas designs that featured a momma/daddy bird and subsequent baby birds on a tree branch. She loved the piece because she felt as if it would be a beautiful way to honor her son as part of the family even though he was no longer physically with them. As a gift to her, I redrew the piece so that one of her baby birds was peacefully flying off into the sky.  I sent her the piece before she even had a chance to place the order and the letter I received in return will stick with me for the rest of my life. It was filled with love, grace, gratitude and peace. THIS is a perfect example of why I love design. My artwork helped to tell this family's story in a simple, beautiful way.  

Every experience I've had as a business owner has prepared me for where I am right now with Klique Creative. Finding a partner in Heather who is able to so beautifully articulate and tell a client's story is a dream for a designer like me who is so inspired by emotional storytelling. Heather tells the story and I am able to interpret all that emotion and energy into colors, imagery, patterns, textures…we make a great team and I think our work shows that. I love that we bring something very unique to the table in our shared talents. 

stacy amoo-mensah