You Can Freaking Do It


I can't speak for all women, but in my professional circle - the majority of  female entrepreneurs that I know are motivated by the powerful love they feel for their family. It is certainly the case for me.

Before Klique was born, I started my own design business 14 years ago out of sheer determination.  I had a new found passion for design, an unquenchable desire to succeed and  a very clear vision of what I wanted my life as a working mother to "look" like. I wanted to be more for myself AND for my family. I wanted to grow professionally with the hope that it would allow me the flexibility to ALWAYS be there when/if my babies needed me.  Sounds wonderful, right??!!

When you decide to take a giant leap and start your own luck would have it, you are taken away from these favorite people in your life in a way that you have never known before. You cry, a LOT. You wonder if you've made the right worry that your kids & husband are going to hate you because even though you're doing this for them, you are never with them!  The amount of effort that it takes to launch your business leaves very little left for the MOST important people in your life.  You ALMOST want to quit. You wonder why nobody warned you about how hard it would be?? You tell your husband that this may have been a mistake - you're barely making any money anyway! He reminds you that  "you're not a quitter". You keep plowing forward. Six months passes, then a year.

Then something happens. Your look around and realize that your little business is actually off the ground. You get your first big client - and then another one. You settle into a routine. You find yourself feeling excited to get up and start on new projects.  You are finding more and more time for yourself and your family. You are feeling extremely proud and fulfilled in a way you never new possible because YOU FREAKING DID IT!

Starting a business is a lot like having a baby - labor is painful and awful but the end result is SO WORTH IT! I think that's why women/mothers make such amazing entrepreneurs. We were born to labor....So, hang in there! You are doing a great job! Be patient with yourself and the process because it takes time. You will become a rockstar at figuring out how to pour more of yourself into the right buckets at the right time. You will realize that life is really good and the year of uncertainty and struggle only made you appreciate where you're at even more.

We are entrepreneurs because we have hustle and heart! We know how get shit done. So keep grinding ladies! You got this