You're Killin' Me Smalz!


Personally, I think people tell you not to sweat the small stuff as a way of making you feel better about the BIG stuff (that can sometimes go sideways). But the big stuff happens anyway (and it’s not ALL bad - though much of it feels super uncomforatble). Like losing a job, winning a piece of business, losing a piece of business, opening an office, closing an office, changing a career, children moving on to college and eventually into their own lives. So, here it is Smalz…the honest truth…the big stuff is waiting for you. NO MATTER WHAT. Sometimes with a thud and sometimes with thunder. But it’s the small stuff that’s the hero of your story. Especially when it comes to running your own business and managing your brand. Here’s some tips…for REAL!

  1. Target SMALL.

    You need to understand the SMALL stuff about your audience. Who are you talking to and what motivates them? It’s the small details that make a big difference. This sounds simple enough. Doesn’t it?… So why aren’t you doin’ it Smalz?! Ask yourself, who are you in business to serve and how can you serve them? Where are they (your customers)? And I don’t just mean where do they shop and interact online. I mean where are they in their lives? You need to understand the SMALL personal details that matter to them? What delights them. Or more importantly, what pains them and how can you solve their problems? Once you understand these pieces you form a picture for your brand. (And here’s a huge heads up)…It’s insulting to your customers if you say something like…my target is: Women (age 35-55). REALLY? THAT’S IT? There’s nothing more to women age 35-55 than that!? No wonder they don’t want to do business with you! Much of the time businesses get their target audience wrong because they don’t really know who their target is. It’s because they’re not paying attention to the small stuff. They think it’s some touchy-feely voodoo. But all that small stuff has a BIG payoff. It drives preference and purchase choice.

  2. Make small feel tall.

    How small is Klique? Very. We are small for a reason. We get work done. Unlike a big agency who often de-prioritizes you and puts a junior person on your account. Our clients get us, the owners (the ones with all the experience!) every time. And that intimacy is how we Klique. Smalz…you’re probably wondering…who’s your target anyway? Simple: Entrepreneurs (who are kind) with hustle and heart. We added the kind part (a small change) but with HUGE impact. Nobody wants to work with a jerk. Working with kind people has benefits to both parties. We will go the extra mile for our customers and they will reap the benefits and we will enjoy the process. We’ve learned how to spot kindness fast. Adding it to our target made a massive difference in our ability to serve our clients. And so did speaking to them authentically through those other two important factors: hustle and heart. And boy do our clients have it! Whether they are scrappy beginners or well-seasoned leaders, they have an entrepreneurial spirit that’s just in their DNA. It could be a tiny ember but it will never die. So, we fan their hustle and offer them tools depending on what they need and at what stage of business. If they’re just getting started, we give them the tools to launch their business. If they’ve been in business for ten years or so, we give them the tools to reinvigorate. And if they’re at the stage of winding down, we help prepare their brand so they can pass off their legacy with profits and purpose. We’ve identified their small pain points and we’ve addressed ways we can solve their problems. Got that Smalz?…all they really want is a vacation from their problems!

  3. Do one “small” thing (with heart), every day.

    Just like choosing one target and focusing on the small details about them. It’s important that you choose ONE thing a day to build your brand and commit to it with heart. Something separate from your usual grind that hustles your business forward. And make it a SMALL thing, so you actually do it. Here’s something Stacy and I do every day. We reach out to ONE person we have a brand “crush” on and tell them why! That’s right! We “soft-stalk” entrepreneurs who give us heart eyes and then we muster up the courage to tell them what we love about them and how we’d love to work with them (who doesn’t love to hear great things about themselves?!). It takes all of five minutes. Sometimes they respond. Sometimes they don’t. But that one small thing makes us feel better about our entire day and brings us customers. And it fits right into the sweet spot of our target. It’s KIND. And kind people usually respond to kindness. There goes that small stuff again, making all the difference.

So, please…don’t sweat the big stuff. The big stuff happens anyway. Make the small stuff your focus. And before you know it that small stuff makes your world bigger, your business broader and your brand the badass it deserves to be.

You’ve got this Smalz.