What Chance the Rapper Can Teach You About Building Your Brand


Hello fellow entrepreneurs, Stacy here.

I've been spending some time reflecting on things that bring me joy - getting back to all the simple muses that inspire me and ignite my creativity. Today is World Poetry Day…and in honor of that, I’d like to profess my love for rap music. Yes, from Eazy E to Jay Z. I love it all - it’s my most favorite form of poetry.

You know why? Yes, it gets me pumped to workout and it’s fun to blast at a party…but let’s not overlook the fact that the best rap artists are inspiring, brilliant storytellers. Whether it's Biggie reassuring us that "sky's the limit" or Kendrick reminding us "don't say one thing then do another".....there are little gifts and sprinkles of wisdom woven into their verses and it's riddled with inspiration.

One of my favorite new artists is Chance the Rapper. He is an amazing talent. He has a brilliant mind and a huge heart....and his messages always resonate with me. One of his earlier songs (Wanna Be Cool) has a verse..." I don't wanna be cool, I just wanna be me". I heard it this morning and I had to share it with the non-rap listening world, because…..you guys.….THIS IS IT! This simple verse is a shortcut to what every business owner needs to understand. THIS is what building your brand and your business is all about. It's about being authentically YOU.

When it comes to YOUR business and YOUR brand, being true to who you and what you stand for is powerful shit. Your customers want to buy from a person they can relate to. You can’t compare yourself to every other similar business out there that you think is “cool”, copy what they are doing and cross your fingers that it’s going to work. Because, NOPE. It won’t. It’s about digging down to the core of what makes YOUR business tick and putting it out there so your customers can connect with YOU.

At Klique, THIS IS WHAT WE DO. We help you identify who your ideal customers are and what matters to them. We help you understand your brand personality traits. We give your brand a strategy and we help you tell your story so your business can be the badass it was meant to be!

So what are you waiting for?? Let’s Klique!

p.s. A few of my favorite Chance songs:



Wanna Be Cool