7 Tips to Make Your Website Super Fly


If you’re an entrepreneur you either have a website, need a website, or should consider a refresh. Here are some simple tips for keepin’ it fresh…

HEADLINES // Everyone is busy. Don't drone on for days. Just cut to the chase with unique headlines that speak to your audience.

PHOTOGRAPHY // A single image goes along way. Either hire a photographer or find a resource for affordable stock photography. Hint: We love Unsplash (royalty free images without the stock feel).

HOMEPAGE // Make your Homepage "homey". Don't be afraid to front load it with a bit about everything you do (in your own personal brand voice). This is great for SEO and establishing your brand's uniqueness. Check out ours!

SQUARESPACE OR WORDPRESS? // For small businesses Squarespace CAN offer more value than a custom WordPress site. Stacy and I are expert at customizing Squarespace quickly and affordably. But we know the ins and outs of both and can help you decide the best option. Ask us how.

BLOG (MAKE THIS A VERB PLEASE!) // You MUST Blog. This is content you own (unlike Facebook) so write it once and share it everywhere! Plus, Blogs are great for SEO and establishing your unique brand voice. 

YOU’RE NOT PERFECT // Newsflash! You’re not perfect and you don't need to be. You're an entrepreneur with hustle and heart. Don't wait until you have a perfect site to launch it. It's the internet for crying out loud. You can change it!! Perfection isn't required. Participation is.

KLIQUE WITH IT! // Once you launch your site, keep it dynamic! Share content. Link to all of your social media and share updates. Insert a pop-up on your home page to sign up for your newsletter or alert users of a recent blog post. Highlight your work and add to the great work you are doing and share it. Your website isn't a one and done proposition. So keep it movin'....

5. Blog (Make this a Verb, Please!)