Building Diversity Into Your Brand


One of the best ways to build diversity into your brand is photography. You can’t understand what you can’t see, right?! So when Stacy and I rebranded Downtown Naperville three years ago with a promise to Be In The Mix, we wanted to represent EVERYONE in the mix. Because let’s be honest…there were way too many middle-aged white women in the pictures! Nothing against middle-aged white women. We know them. We love them. We ARE them. But there’s more to a story, any story, than that. And the Downtown Naperville brand story is all about diversity!

So we set out with the INTENTION to promote diversity and inclusion. We didn’t have a modeling agency to turn to, so we turned to the community in which we live. With a consciousness to include all ages, sexes, and ethnicities.

The result is stunning. Our models are gorgeous, our photographer, Bari, is magic, our client is supportive and the ads that we now create represent the diversity and vitality that is already here. When we look back at these beautiful images, Stacy and I are proud of our models, our community, our photographer , our client, and OURSELVES (yes, ladies, it’s okay to be proud of yourselves and say it out loud!).

We worked exceptionally hard over the last three years to create an authentic, meaningful picture of the community in which we live. There are more moments to capture. For us, and any brand. But diversity should be at the heart of any story, because nobody likes a one-sided picture. And sometimes that picture comes one Klique at a time!