Strategy is the New Black

Your brand deserves to be a badass.

But not like this…

It’s race day. You were out partying until 2am. You missed all your training runs. You have a great outfit and a fierce pony, so you lace up your stylish shoes and imagine yourself at the finish line, a few Instagram pics away. But suddenly you are heaving over the side of the track.

You don’t win a race by starting at the finish line all blissed-out and beautiful. You never should have shown up without training. And now you’re out of the running. There’s a better way…

If you want to win, you have to begin at the beginning. With a STRATEGY! This is how champions (and badass brands) do it. As much as we love a good look - ‘cuz we’re damn good at it ! - we’re branding unicorns because we don’t start at the finish line with all the glitz and glam of your designs. We start where strong brands begin - with a PLAN! We want your brand to WIN and not get sidelined halfway through the race.

Just like getting up at 5am for a training run, our badass brands do the hard work BEFORE they get to race day. We ask the tough questions like, “What the f*ck has your brand been up to that has your customers so confused?” Chances are you’ve been running race after race and have taken for granted all the training required and stopped drinking those 5am protein shakes (that’s when you start to stumble). You need to check in with your brand and make sure you’re fueling it properly.

We also size up the competition. Who are you running against and who are you running for? You need to stand out in your own way. For your own reasons. No one likes a copycat brand. And you need to make sure your reasons for being in the race match up with what motivates your customers.

In addition to your training plan, all those odds and ends…like nutrition, hydration and support? You need those too…think of them as your story, your headlines, the heart of your brand defined in a way that motivates you to keep going and your supporters to care.

And THEN comes the finish line fan-fare! Your logo, your look, your designs…unique only to you so you can stand out in a crowd and finish that last lap like a champ!

No one makes it to the medals platform without a plan (and a bit of BADASS). Don’t just do it. Do it right.

stacy amoo-mensah