It's National Love Your Designer Day!

Well…not really. But we’re looking into it! If tequila gets its own day, why not?!

Just to be clear, this is not for run-of-the-mill designers. We’re talking about strategic unicorn designers who have a heart for beauty AND an eye for business.

We happen to have the best one at Klique and we want to share a little about what makes Stacy (and therefore your brand) the badass it was meant to be!

  1. First of all, Stacy, like any good strategic unicorn designer, knows the difference between an .ico file, a .pdf, an .eps, a .jpeg, an .ai, a .pds, a .ppt, a .png…do you?…(enough said).

  2. She has a knack for taking all your thoughts and wants and wishes and turning them into a multi-color extravaganza. Literally! Every single color she uses in her designs matches every single feeling you want to express. Color is a powerful tool and she wields it like a warrior to bring your brand to life. Because she has studied it for years. Did you know there are over 22 million colors on planet earth? (Just kidding, we don’t really know the number, but we’re sure it’s big!)

  3. Unlike most designers, she’d rather buy fonts than shoes. She is so OBSESSED with typefaces that she spends hours shopping the latest trends, stocking up on classics, and pairing them with the right look so you can kill it. And it’s not cheap!

  4. She knows how to translate your thoughts in a way that your customers just can’t get over. There’s a reason every single one of our re-brands has brought profitable results. Customers get heart eyes over her unicorn designs and want to be part of the story. This is not an accident. (Consumer Alert: Only a unicorn strategic designer can achieve this).

  5. She stays up late. She wakes up early. She dreams in technicolor. And absorbs every detail of your designs into her DNA so you can be the badass brand you were meant to be. And btw, it’s exhausting and way harder than it looks, so say thank you next time you see her instead of, “Can you just design me a logo real quick?”

  6. She sees what most of us miss. When she looks at a blank page, it’s nothing but dimension and possibility. Every nook and cranny has a purpose. And her purpose is to create a design that screams, “Read me! Use me! Let’s be friends!” so your customers engage with your brand.

  7. She spends a lot of money on you before you even walk in the door. Did you know a strategic unicorn designer has to pay for, and train how to use, so many software programs (like Illustrator, InDesign, PowerPoint, Squarespace…) that their monthly subscription expense is sometimes higher than your monthly grocery bill!

  8. And she trains herself to use all of it like a seasoned fighter pilot so you look like a hero.

  9. She creates illustrations and icon graphics and art directs photo shoots and sources photography in a way that every element of your brand is a well thought out cast member to a show-stopping Broadway hit.

  10. Most importantly, she does it because she was born to do it. She sees a solution in the depths of her creative brain that no one else sees and she just has to get it out into the world! Calling on all the tools in her arsenal (that have taken her years to assemble) so your brand gets the badass stamp of approval it deserves (translation: something you can be proud of and your customers will love).

So next time you see your strategic unicorn designer, give her a hug. Sign the petition! (well, we haven’t really taken it that far yet)… It’s National Love Your Designer Day! We love you Stacy!

stacy amoo-mensah