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Downtown Naperville

Together with the Downtown Naperville Alliance we rebranded a premier shopping destination with a new look, a new story and a whole new experience.


The goal.

To capture the energy of a vibrant shopping destination.


The results?

As a premier shopping and dining destination it was critical that Downtown Naperville’s updated brand reflect the changing needs of the retail landscape. Consumers want an experience they can’t have anywhere else. Otherwise they’ll just stay home and shop online. Known for their historic appeal, this effort was about embracing the past yet plunging full steam ahead into the future. Our high vibe approach encouraged customers to BE IN THE MIX. It was as much about engagement as it was a traditional marketing push. Together with the Downtown Naperville Alliance, we developed an entire new language, new look and new way to engage through social media, Downtown "Street hosts", selfie stations, onsite promotions, merchant training, outdoor advertising, print ads, events, photo shoots and more. Fast forward and Downtown Naperville now has one of the most robust downtown gift card programs in the country (gift card sales have seen a massive 12% increase!) And the economic impact of the brand isn’t stopping there. Naperville restaurant and retail sales have surpassed all other Chicago suburbs for the first time ever! We’d call that a knockout.


The punch.


That packs a punch!…

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