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Just in case you are too embarrassed to raise your hand and ask…


+ I'm starting a new business and I need a name. Is it okay to name it after the street I was driving by this morning?

Ummmm....did you really just ask us that? Just kidding. Believe it or not we've had MANY clients make this misstep. And folks, it's NEVER a good idea. There's a strategy behind naming. Names fall into one of four categories. Descriptive (it's just how it sounds). Describing your company in a transparent way like "Joe's Shoe Shine". Experiential. This gives direct connection to something real and makes intuitive sense but with a bit more emotion as in "Safari". Evocative. As the name suggests it evokes feelings with the brand positioning rather than the function. Think "Virgin". And last, there's Invented. A made up name based on Latin, Greek or other foreign language roots as in "Nike" named after the Greek Goddess of Victory. Each has its benefits and pitfalls depending on what you're trying to achieve (and what's available). Please leave naming to the experts. We can nail this for you and get your brand off on the right foot.

+ I hired a web designer but I hate the way my website looks. What went wrong?

Okay. So here's the dirty little secret web designers never tell you. Most of the time they are not designers (and they aren't writers either). Nor are they brand positioning experts. They can make your web site function but they'll never make it FLY. Let us give your brand wings.

+ Can you design a brochure for me?

Yes. But please for the love of all things made with chocolate, would you design a room without paint? Or furniture? Or space planning? Or lighting? I mean, you could but it would likely resemble a prison cell. Let's jailbreak your brand and give it all the tools it needs FIRST - positioning, color palette, imagery, messaging, headlines, story, logo, patterns...all packaged up in a tidy plan so your brand can be the badass it deserves EVERYWHERE.

+ How much does a Brand Plan cost?

Your brand is an investment. One of the biggest investments is the upfront plan. That's because we carve out your unique position and bring it to life with designs that communicate your difference and messaging that speaks to your audience. Then later we apply it, well...everywhere (brochures, websites, ads, events, presentations, and social get the picture). We scale our pricing based on your needs and offer various packages to get your brand up and running. We'd love to talk to you in person about how this works so give us a call.

+ My niece is a graphic designer. Couldn't I just have her design my brand?

Well, you could...but does your niece have any experience at all with brand strategy? Does she know the difference between brand positioning and brand personality? Does she know how to scale her designs so they are flexible in any application from a pencil to a PowerPoint presentation? Is she a storyteller? Can she write the story of your brand so it hits to the heart of your target audience? Probably not. You'll spend more time (and eventually money) getting it wrong out of the gates if you don't start with a plan first. Come on. Let's make your brand a badass.

+ What if I already have a Brand Plan but I need your help bringing it to life?

We can absolutely work with the tools you already have and shine a light on your brand anywhere you want it to be. Yep. You heard that right. Anywhere. Let's get this party started!