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Heirloom Kitchen

We created a delectable brand for a line of wholesome foods worth sharing.


The goal.


Heirloom Kitchen came to us in need of a look, a name and a story as they launched a line of wholesome foods based on family recipes passed down for generations. Their biggest challenge was to grow their family business in a way that remained true to their decades long commitment of gathering around Grandma's table.


The results?

We created a Brand Plan with a promise of locally grown food worth sharing. All with a unique look, name and messaging framework with a central mission to inspire and nurture the human spirit, one bite at a time.  Look for Heirloom Kitchen in fine grocery stores in the near future. 


The punch.


For goodness sakeā€¦

  • Brand Strategy

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Brand Messaging

  • Logo and Look Design

  • Brand Messaging