What's in a name? A LOT actually! Whether starting a new business, refreshing your brand, or expanding your products and services, naming is critical to maintaining the integrity of your brand and protecting its value. Here are a few of our newly named clients:



(FORMERLY MK LABS) An established pilates, cyle and yoga studio was ready to take their business to the next level ... and we were lucky enough to help position them for continued success with a total re-brand (including an updated strategy, messaging, "brand story", look and feel system as well as naming options). When we peeled back all the layers and uncovered the true personality of their business, we were certain they needed a name that was just as compelling as their story - so SHYFT was born!

"We are all movers- balancing between stretch, strength, energetic release and calm. The continual arc within pilates, the binding tension of cycle, and the mindfulness of yoga- where we suspend, decompress and fly.

We welcome you to lean into your strengths, unload your weaknesses and spring into promise.  It's your time. Shyft - life in motion."



(A STARTUP)  The way people eat is changing. American palates are becoming more sophisticated and the demand for healthy fare and environmental sustainability is on the rise. Our client was ready to capitalize on this!  Healthy, ethnic cuisine is one of the hottest foods trends today, with soul food being an underrepresented slice of this market. With it's modern interpretation - infusing organic, fresh ingredients and calorie conscious recipes- SOULGOOD is here to rewrite the soul food narrative. With it's high end, healthy organic food and nod to the past, SOULGOOD brings to tables everywhere - An African cuisine that has spanned the continent for decades.



(FORMERLY THE HOBSON GROUP)  The relationship we share with our clients is collaborative in every sense of the word. When we embark on a rebranding project together - we find that both our clients (and us!) are in a constant state of learning and discovery. It is exciting, emotional, inspiring...and requires a trusted process, lots of patience and persistence to get to the finish line. The coolest thing about this particular client is that they are experts in the area of learning processes and training and they have a true passion for helping other businesses perform better! Which is why ACTIO LEARNING was the perfect name for them.  Fun fact: "actio" is the latin word for performance...what a coincidence?!