Your brand is the shortcut of your business to your customer. So make sure you're talking to your customers in a way that's meaningful to them. Here's how it's done:


First, we listen.

Before you tell your story, you have to first understand who you're talking to and why it matters? And you need to listen. Brands are built on what users think of them not what they think of themselves. We begin every project with a Listening Tour to understand what does the Marketplace misunderstand about you? What's unique about you? What's your competition up to? What opportunities and obstacles are you faced with? 


Next, we define.

After your Listening Tour we synthesize our findings to define the essential components of your brand: target customers, business purpose, benefits and brand "soul' (that emotional core of your business that creates differentiation and allows you to "Klique"). We also write key messaging that you will need: About Us, tagline, elevator pitch, headlines, bio. And most importantly, we include your brand story. We write the actual story of your business so it can be told anywhere to anyone. The result? After a recent rebrand one of our client sales increased by 70% thanks to some pretty creative storytelling that led to some closing pretty big deals. We've got lots of great stories like that. And we'd love to sit down and share them with you in person. We intentionally don't include all of our clients case studies here. That's their business. Literally!


Lastly, we design.

The last part of your Brand Plan is your Look and Feel system.  Your Look and Feel system includes: logo, imagery, colors, fonts and patterns so your brand can be brought to life anywhere with consistency and differentiation.