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Pepsi Americas

We created a safety campaign for a badass brand in need of some internal champions.


The goal.


Powerful brands understand that brand building isn't a top down mandate. It’s an inside out story that’s always being told. So who better to tell it than your employees? The trick is how do you convince employees outside of the Marketing Department that they are valuable champions of the brand?  This was the task with PepsiAmericas - to bring their brand to life across one of their most important employee engagement programs - Safety. 


The results?

Brand building driven by your employees is one of the most powerful ways to manage your brand, protect your promise and save valuable time and money. With the brand as our guide we created a campaign for their annual Health and Safety Summit that included designing a program directory, name-tags, t-shirts, newsletters, presentations, and environmental banners. The result? Employees went away with a deeper understanding of how they can uphold one of PepsiAmericas most valuable brand tenets - safety. Resulting in the lowest number of safety incidents at PepsiAmericas plants the following year.


The punch.


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