Sweet Regards

We created a “sweet name” (and everything else) for a local candy shop with global reach. Literally touching thousands of hearts and tummies all over the world.


The goal.


Naperville darling Naper Nuts and Sweets came to us, well…with a lot of asks actually. They wanted to modernize their look but maintain their old-fashioned appeal with a facelift for their candy store, create franchise opportunities, broaden their wholesale distribution and tie everything together with "Operation Caramel Corn" their give back program for U.S troops stationed around the globe.


The results?

We developed a name, a look, brand story, packaging and brand architecture that would strategically address all their products and initiatives. And it worked! With plans underway for a 4,000 store product launch with TJX companies, wholesale distribution in Hobby Lobby establishments across the country, a store redesign, and roadmap for future openings - all centered around “Operation Carmel Corn” authentic story of giving back - Sweet Regards is a brand on a mission. The best mission. To give enjoyment and to give back.


The punch.

One promise:


With lots of pieces…

  • Name

  • Brand Strategy

  • Logo, Look and Brand Architecture

  • Brand Story

  • Packaging

  • Store Design

  • Advertising