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The Branch

We created a whole new brand for a local moms network 20,000 members strong!


The goal.


Naperville Moms Network came to us with a very specific ask - to increase their level of brand sophistication to appeal to local moms in local markets nationwide. With Naperville as a shining example of what moms can become when they connect; the network is 20,000 members strong with specialized groups, online sharing, low cost events, play dates, and endorsement and advocacy opportunities.


The results?

It was obvious you can't really grow into other markets with a local name. After a lot of strategizing (and literally a dream) The Branch was born! The next was to establish an authentic promise of “Always Invited” and bust it out with unique messaging and a look that we applied to their web site, advertising, events and social media. The result? They have literally BRANCHED out…new markets have opened up, women-owned businesses have taken off, friendships have formed, and mothers have gained knowledge and connection.


The punch.

It started with personality “A BIG SUNSHINE”

And ended with…well, everything!

  • Name

  • Brand Strategy

  • Logo and Look

  • Brand Story

  • Advertising

  • Website Design

  • Social Media